Tehran to Miami

Tehran to Miami - [Pennsauken, NJ] Book Baby 2022 - 324 p.

"Tehran to Miami" is a one-of-a-kind memoir that follows the story of Donya, a woman suffering religious persecution in 1980s Iran. She will become an advocate for her entire generation, namely those growing up in the wake of the Islamic revolution of 1979 and the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. This generation suffered immensely, weathering frequent scarcity of food, energy, and other essential resources. They were brainwashed in school and taught to hate the West. In the case of Baha'is and converts to Christianity, they were subjected to systemic injustice and widespread discrimination. This is the first memoir to present the myriad of Iranian cultures and traditions using accessible language and captivating stories from this incredibly turbulent time in history. It features prominently the difficulties experienced by the largest Iranian minority—women—and their navigation through the injustice of a male-dominated society.


Donya Ziraksari

Biography--Baha'i Faith
Iranian Baha'i Diaspora

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